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Bharat Band Gulaothi Wal
About Bharat Band Gulaothi Wal

Established in 1992, Bharat Band Gulaothi Wale has been a prominent name in the realm of musical orchestration and cultural celebrations. Founded by Mr. Sonu, our journey spans 35 years of unwavering commitment to excellence. Headquartered at Raj Nagar Extension, Tyagi Market, Siyani Road, Opp. MCC Heights, Ghaziabad 201017, we have become synonymous with creating unforgettable moments through our meticulous services.

Years of Experience: 35 years of dedicated service have honed our expertise, making us pioneers in the industry. Our rich legacy is a testament to our deep-rooted passion for music and the art of celebration.

Professional Team Members: With a team of 80 seasoned professionals, Bharat Band Gulaothi Wale brings together a wealth of talent and expertise. Each member is committed to delivering top-notch services, ensuring that every event is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Client Satisfaction: Over the years, we have had the privilege of serving 5000 satisfied clients. Their joyous celebrations stand as a testament to our commitment to exceeding expectations and creating lasting memories.

Business Presence: While rooted in Ghaziabad, our reach extends to one business city in India. Our influence and impact are felt across the nation, as we continue to spread the joy of music and celebration.

Services: Bharat Band Gulaothi Wale specializes in a comprehensive range of services, including Wedding Band Services, Dhol Services for Weddings, Wedding Ghodi Baggi Wale and Wedding Light Wale. Each service is meticulously curated to add a touch of musical magic to every celebration.

At Bharat Band Gulaothi Wale, we don't just orchestrate events; we compose unforgettable symphonies of joy and celebration. Our commitment to professionalism, coupled with decades of experience, makes us your trusted partner in crafting moments that resonate with the rhythm of life.